3-Piece bodyCushion Cotton Cover Set

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The 3-Piece bodyCushion Cotton Cover Set is made to fit and protect each component of the 3-Piece bodyCushion, keeping each part in like-new condition.

The Original bodyCushion Cotton Covers are elastic-fitted, making the bodyCushion easy to work with while protecting the vinyl from skin contact, oils, and lotions. These long-lasting 100% cotton Interlock covers are sewn using industrial grade elastic and are incredibly durable, withstanding repeated washings. These premium covers are reversible, soft and extremely comfortable.

Note: To simplify applying multiple treatments using the bodyCushion, having several bodyCushion Cotton Cover Sets will optimize the ease of using the bodyCushion with all of your clients. Also, when using the bodyCushion Cover Set, it is highly recommended to use our Elastic-fitted Massage Table Cover.

Bulk discount pricing makes having several cover sets on hand more affordable.

Cotton covers are not eligible for a refund, however they can be replaced if there are any manufacturing defects.

Product Info:

Colors: White, Light Blue, or Black.


  • Face Crescent Cotton Cover
  • Chest Support Cotton Cover
  • Pelvic Support Cotton Cover
  • 90-day warranty

Handcrafted in Ashland OR