Physical Therapy, Orthopedics, Pain Management, & Rehab


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Fluoroscopy, MRI & Prone Intubation - patient comfort is maximized, assuring compliance and optimal outcomes.

Vitreoretinal Surgery & Hemorrhoidectomy 

Prevention of decubitus ulcers by affording bed-ridden patients complete comfort prone and side-lying, as well as supine.

During late third term pregnancy, preeclampsia is addressed by the bodyCushion with its Elevator, providing relief, hammocking the fetus outside the pelvis.

The Original bodyCushion

Affords maximum control over applied treatments and provides access to body parts and muscle groups in ways not possible with your patient lying on a flat table.

Improves an array of rehabilitative treatments: flexion, extension, spinal traction, prone pregnancy, isolation, partial loading, and deep decompression.



The bodyCushion supports the body on its bony structures, the entire body is supported without pressure to sensitive areas. The spine is unloaded, decompressed, and associated musculature relaxed. The patient is not subtly or unconsciously guarding. With an abdominal recess and Fresh Air Face Cradle, the patient breathes deeply and easily with no restriction on the diaphragm.



Allows free access to the entire length of the spine.



No supporting pressure on the lower shoulder, otherwise compressed.



Lighter and more and portable than massage chairs. Adjusts to fit all body sizes and types.

Prominent Users:

Mayo Clinic

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Teaching Hospitals

Pain management Centers

Spine Clinics

VA Hospitals

Kaiser Permanente

University Of California - MRI Research Facility