Rectangular Adjusters - Set of 2 - Factory Seconds

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These are factory seconds and may have slight manufacturing discrepancies.

The foam in the Rectangular Adjusters is a softer density than the foam in Large Wedges.

  • When used with the bodyCushion, the Rectangular Adjusters provide:
  • Increased lumbar support and spinal decompression (on top of Large Wedges) when prone
  • Added elevation of the head end of the Chest Support when Large Wedges are used in prone
  • A deeper abdominal recess (on top of Large Wedges) for prone pregnancy positioning
  • A “filler” for the abdominal recess when a smaller individual with smaller rib cage is supine
  • Support under the sacrum or hips when supine

Rectangular Adjusters (Set Of Two) are components of the Adjuster Caddy Set.

Product Info:


  • 2 Rectangular Adjusters
  • 3-year warranty

Color: Black

Dimensions (each): L.W.H. (16" x 5.5" x 2")

Handcrafted in Ashland OR