Less Trash In Landfills 

When it comes to making an essential purchase, we are often overwhelmed with mixed advertising messages which can make it difficult to navigate your choices.

Researching and making informed consumer decisions takes time, but is usually worth the effort in the long run. If a consumer chooses to sacrifice quality to save a few dollars on price, they could end up paying more over time by having to make repeated replacement purchases due to low or poor quality.

In turn, this means more items are discarded and ultimately end up in a landfill.

Our consumer purchases are directly related to the quality of our natural environment. When you spend your money on consumer goods, you vote with your dollars, saying "Yes, I support this company and its practices." We want our customers to know that when they purchase our products, they are investing not only in their future, but they are also investing in the future of planet Earth.

We strive for sustainability in our manufacturing processes, as well as in the materials we choose to make our products. Ultimately, sustainability in business is about perseverance, endurance, and responsibility, and here at Body Support Systems, Inc., we are committed to all three.

Community Education

Perseverance in Community Education and Product Leadership

Knowledge comes from experience. Over the years, we've found that those that do not understand the importance of orthopedic positioning have yet to experience the difference it can make.

Most of our dedicated bodyCushion customers around the world had a major "Aha!" moment the first time they compared lying comfortably on the bodyCushion with resting prone on a flat treatment table. Armed with new knowledge and the best positioning equipment on the market, they return to their practices able to make a real difference for their patients and clients.

Even though we've been educating and selling therapeutic positioning systems since 1986, there are still practitioners out there who are unfamiliar to this revolutionary approach.

Founded in 1986, we continue to press on and persevere in our mission to educate health professionals about the importance of positioning their patients and clients for the best possible treatment outcomes.

We don't do it alone. To educate the health and therapeutic communities about the importance of positioning, we partner with leaders and educators already working in their fields. We are happy to support our Educator's seminars and workshops, and we encourage them to demonstrate and discuss therapeutic orthopedic positioning with their students whenever applicable.

Supportive orthopedic positioning brings about real changes in comfort and relaxation for the patient or client, but these changes can be lost on the practitioner if they have not experienced the positioning equipment themselves. We are grateful to our Educators for helping us share an experience that can transform patient and client lives for the better.

If you are interested in our Educator program, please contact us for more information.

Product Leadership

We also persevere in terms of Product Leadership. In our experience, we've learned that if we want our products to lead the market in both quality and innovation, then we have to improve our outcomes continually. We find enormous value in feedback from our customers.

By incorporating customer suggestions, and standing behind our products 100%, we've maintained the leadership of our products as the best orthopedic positioning systems on the market. If you have any customer feedback or suggestions about our company or our products, please contact us at your convenience.

Life-cycle of the Product

Endurance and the Life-cycle of a bodyCushion.

Featuring superior craftsmanship and made of the best components available, with proper care and appropriate cleaning, it is not unusual for our products to last the lifetime of a practitioner's practice.

We regularly hear from happy customers who have been using their bodyCushion for twenty or more years, and who intend to pass it on to another practitioner when they retire. Our products are made to endure, and long life means less impact on the environment and fewer products filling up landfills.

Based on our customer feedback, we estimate that the average life-cycle of a bodyCushion is the length of one individual's professional practice. Please note: the life-cycle of individual bodyCushions may vary. Exposure to heat, humidity, or direct sunlight, as well as care and cleaning, play a large part in how long our products will last without needing to replace pieces or vinyl coverings.

We offer replacement parts and vinyl replacement to maximize the life-cycle of each bodyCushion. If you have any questions or concerns about warranties or the life-cycles of our products, please contact us.

Sustainable Materials

Responsibility and Environmentally Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing

We feel it is our responsibility as a company to manufacture our products with environmentally sustainable supplies and processes to the best of our ability — that’s our commitment. By producing here in the USA, we have greater control over quality control and the working conditions of our employees.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative

From foam, vinyl, and thread to the cardboard boxes we use to ship our products, we are striving for responsibility and sustainability. No detail in manufacturing is too small — even our cardboard boxes come from managed, sustainable resources. Our box supplier uses environmentally friendly inks and adhesives, and they participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

The SFI ensures the long term growth of North American Forests with its initiatives and standards and through SFI monitored requirements; they plant an estimated 1.7 million trees per day! Not only do we source sustainably, but we also work with local and regional manufacturers and suppliers to support our local economy, reduce energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and our overall carbon footprint.

Studies show that supporting local business is healthier for the local community. Locally owned businesses are less likely to leave and create a more robust, vibrant community.

We feel that spending locally and sustainably is the responsible way to spend in the future of our community.