The Axiom Career College Package

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The Axiom Career College Package includes all of your favorite and essential products. 

If you are a professional, you will want the very best. The Original bodyCushion is made for you. Highest-quality, longest-lasting, premium "lifetime" foam will serve you very well in the long term. The Original bodyCushion, originated in 1986, is the first-of-its-kind, and the world’s most versatile orthopedic positioning system.

The Original bodyCushion supports the body on its bony structures, allowing the body to rest face-down, face-up, side-lying or seated without pressure on sensitive soft tissue areas. Unloading the body is therapeutic in itself, facilitating improved outcomes for all types of applications.

In addition to providing superior support and comfort, the Original bodyCushion also allows the practitioner to have maximum control over the applied treatments. Using the Original bodyCushion  affords the practitioner  complete access to body parts and muscle groups in ways not possible if the client is lying on a flat table, even when using pillows and rolled towels. Use the Original bodyCushion to effectively position and treat clients in the prone, supine, side-lying, and seated positions.

With the Original bodyCushion, the Face, Chest, and Pelvic Supports attach to one another via adjustable hook and loop straps. If desired, the Face, Chest, and Pelvic Supports can be completely separated from one another by detaching the hook and loop straps. This provides maximum versatility and allows the practitioner to use the optional breast Protector accessory with the bodyCushion as needed. The hook and loop straps are also useful for attaching the Extenders, which allow the practitioner to lengthen the for longer torsos and add extra support in the side-lying position.

The Axiom Career College Package consists of:

  • 4-Piece Original bodyCushion:
    • Face Support
    • breastProtector in place of the standard Chest Supports.
    • Pelvic Support
    • 1-Piece Leg Support
    • Face Crescent Cotton Cover
  • Large Wedges (Set of 2)
  • Small Wedge
  • 3-Year Vinyl Warranty
  • 10-year "Lifetime Foam" Warranty
  • 30-day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee


  • bodyCushion - Slate Blue
  • Cotton Covers - Light Blue

Handcrafted in Ashland OR