What accounts for the price of a bodyCushion?

At the outset, in 1986, when selecting materials for the manufacture of the bodyCushion, considerations of durability, quality, and the environment were, and remain, uppermost. A comprehensive search was made to find the most suitable materials to meet those demands.

The idea was (and still is) to construct something extremely long lasting to lessen the impact on our planet, but of course, this would serve an end user in that the bodyCushion would last an extremely long time providing maximum value to the user. The time of service you can expect from a bodyCushion is lengthened by the vinyl coverings being replaceable, extending the usefulness of your investment for many years to come.

Today, the Original bodyCushion continues to be manufactured with these tenets uppermost in consideration. Quality and durability of materials care in crafting each part, and attention to overall finished quality, these are our guiding principles for producing a bodyCushion. And the bodyCushion is backed by strong warranties and an overarching guarantee of satisfaction.

The bodyCushion is handcrafted by skilled craftspeople in Ashland Oregon, in the United States of America. Our company plays a vital role in our community providing jobs and participating in the economic fabric of our region.

If the preceding make sense to you in terms of your values and life principles, then you will realize the price of a bodyCushion represents an excellent deal. The bodyCushion is built to last and will serve you and your practice for decades to come.

The bodyCushion is made of high quality materials:


The non-toxic foam in the bodyCushion is the finest quality, most expensive, High Resiliency foam available. The foam is comprised of four specific densities, contour cut into fourteen individual parts that are hand-laminated to exacting standards to comprise the complex assembly that affords the exceptional comfort of the bodyCushion.

This foam has been proven to maintain its resiliency as a component of the bodyCushion for more than thirty years of daily use by thousands of users.


The covering of the bodyCushion is high-quality, patented, durable, supple vinyl that is puncture and abrasion resistant. This high-performing vinyl also withstands repeated cleanings with strong sanitizing solutions.

Field-tested by thousands of users for more than thirty years, this patented vinyl is proven to perform, even in the most demanding therapeutic environments. (Think Navy Seals).


The thread used to make the bodyCushion is the same superior, high-quality thread used to sew racing sailboat sails, assuring your bodyCushion will never have an unraveling or separating seam.


High-quality nylon webbing and hook and loop are used to assure longevity.


The injection-molded bodyCushion “Fresh Air” Face Base is the result of thirty years of evolutionary refinement, a highly functional anatomical design, providing airflow and just the right angle of flexion.


Each individual part of the bodyCushion is carefully handcrafted by long-time, skilled workers in Body Support Systems, Inc’s factory in Ashland, Oregon, USA.

Today’s bodyCushion is the result of more than thirty years of continual improvement, now very highly refined. The bodyCushion has a worldwide reputation for quality, durability, and longevity as well as optimizing treatment outcomes.


Putting a bodyCushion to work in your practice is not so much a purchase as it is an investment. The bodyCushion is a practice builder. It is fundamentally contributing to the success of your practice at a very low cost.

Serving 20 patients a week over the ten-year foam warranty period makes the cost 5 cents per treatment. Many practitioners have been using their bodyCushion for more than twenty years, some thirty years!

Another way to put the cost into perspective is to consider the price of other positioners that serve only to utilize one position, whether they be a face-down, side-lying, reclining, or seated. These typically are available from two to three hundred dollars. Considering the versatility of the bodyCushion, serving to position optimally in four different positions, and considering the quality and durability, its price becomes very favorable by comparison.

If, after working with the bodyCushion for 90 days, you don’t agree that your bodyCushion will contribute more than its cost to your practice, you can return it for a refund, minus the shipping.

What about table height? Because the bodyCushion elevates the torso five inches, should I lower my treatment table?

Without lowering your table, simply begin working with the bodyCushion. You will soon realize the bodyCushion serves to release all of the muscles of the body. What that means in terms of applied therapies is that muscles are loose and relaxed, inviting you into the body.

Instead of applying force and pressure in attempts to achieve corrective change, the result you’re looking for comes easily. Change occurs because muscles are shortened and relaxed. The body opens to find its balance.

The bodyCushion contributes enormously to a positive treatment outcome. Instead of applying force and extreme pressure in attempts to affect change in the soft tissues, you’ll find positive change happens via positional release provided by the bodyCushion.

Your work becomes easier by working across instead of pushing down. This means rocking, jostling, mobilizations, and stretches. Working with less force and effort leaves you with more energy at the end of the day.

Also, you no longer wonder if and how much you have helped someone. The bodyCushion assures a positive outcome. The difference, being treated on the bodyCushion rather than a flat table, is night and day!

Over time, you may even find you’re going to raise the height of your table. This will allow not bending down at all. And, in applying specific muscle therapies, you’ll be able to access the entire body easily. Raising the table will require having a platform or a step stool by which your client can get up onto the table.

Put the bodyCushion to work for you and your patients. Take the “work” out of the bodywork.

How do I drape the bodyCushion and role people over?

The best option for draping is to use the bodyCushion 100% cotton interlock, elastic-fitted covers for each part of the bodyCushion. Using bodyCushion covers makes using a bodyCushion as easy as it gets. In combination with bodyCushion Covers, an elastic fitted 100% cotton massage table cover is used.

The table cover fits the massage table snuggly, making it easy to move the parts of the bodyCushion on the table top. Again, this is the best way to cover the bodyCushion to make working with it as easy as possible.

The top sheet drapes the subject, just as it does on a flat table.

Many practitioners simply place the bodyCushion Chest, Pelvic, and Leg Support beneath the bottom sheet, the Face Support is then placed on top of the bottom sheet. No additional draping is required to use the bodyCushion in that way. And some practitioners cover their bodyCushion parts with the elastically fitted covers to keep their bodyCushion in like new condition and then use draping, just as they would otherwise on a flat table.

For rolling over, refer to the Basic Applications Video where, at six minutes into Part 2, You can view detailed instructions on rolling from prone to supine, supine to prone with draping.

Why should I consider using a bodyCushion?

The bodyCushion optimizes the positioning of the anatomy in prone (face-down), supine (face-up), or lateral recumbent (side-lying), by relieving pressure on sensitive areas and reducing tension in the body.

The torso is elevated and supported on its bony prominences, thereby unloading the body, decompressing the spine, and relaxing the extremities. Breasts and abdomen are free of pressure. The subject can engage in unrestricted, deep abdominal breathing.

With the entire body unloaded, the subject experiences complete relaxation.  

With your client relaxed in complete comfort your work is much easier and more effective. The bodyCushion contributes immensely to a positive treatment outcome.

How do I know I am purchasing an authentic bodyCushion and not an imitation?

Look for the trademark, “bodyCushion”... lower case “b”, capital “C”, two words made into one.

Some imitators call their product “body cushion”.

There are lots of reasons to avoid imitations; lack of quality, durability, function, and the health of you and your patients. Typically, imitations have a strong chemical odor, off-gassing of noxious fumes.

This is the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and exposure can result in eye, nose and throat irritation, nausea, and headaches, and have serious long-term effects.

Who uses the bodyCushion?

The bodyCushion is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide: Hospitals, Rehab and Pain Management Centers, Sports Medicine Doctors, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers,  Radiologists, Eye Surgery Centers. Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Spas, Massage Therapists, Prenatal Specialists, Women's Care, and other health and medical professionals.

bodyCushions are also used by thousands of individuals all over the world to ease neck and back pain, recover from surgery, find comfort during pregnancy, or to simply relax.

Read accounts of customers’ experiences using the bodyCushion on our bodyCushion Reviews page.

How do I clean the bodyCushion?

The bodyCushion should always be covered with a sheet, towel, or fitted bodyCushion Cotton Covers to prevent contact with skin, oil, or lotion.

If the vinyl does come in contact with skin, oil, or lotion, clean immediately with a solution of 10% household liquid dish soap with warm water applied with a soft damp cloth. 

Then wipe away any residue with a water-dampened cloth, following with dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel.

For additional information, please see Care & Cleaning.

What is the return policy?

We’re convinced you will fall head over heels with your bodyCushion we have a 90-day guarantee. We’ll even extend the time so that you can be sure, having enough time to find out that this fantastic tool will do half your work for you!

Give it a try for 90 days.

Please read our full Return Policy for additional information.

What is the warranty on your products?

“Lifetime Foam”, 10-year warranty.

Vinyl, 3-year warranty.

“Fresh Air” Face Support Base, 3-year warranty.

Carry Bags, Totes, Nest, and Basket, 3-year warranty.

Cotton Covers, 90-day warranty.

All warranties are limited to manufacturing defects in materials or craftsmanship.