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Another 30 years of service

Nov 2023

 After 30 years of ownership the foam core of my 4-piece bodyCushion was as supportive as the day I had bought it - but the vinyl cover was worn away.  I was impressed by the replacement vinyl set. The quality of workmanship was what I had come to expect from bodyCushion, and the stock brown is a good neutral color.  I was pleased to find included new plastic bags that wrap the foam sections, under the vinyl covering. Also the face-rest was completely replaced (foam and vinyl cover) due to the design having changed; details that speak to the ethics and pride of craftsmanship of the company. The replacement vinyl fit perfectly and my bodyCushion is ready for another 30 years of service. Thank you, bodyCushion.

- John Harvey, Olympia, WA




Nov 2019

I thought about my good fortune all last night. I wanted to reiterate to your whole group how much I love my body support system. I know that my practice is better because I use your product. I have had no wrist, arm, elbow, back or any other career related injuries. I have been a full-time therapist since 1991.  Because the clients body is kept ergonomically correct on my table. I stay grounded and in perfect alignment with my work. I have never had a work injury. I wanted to let you know that today. And I am proud to endorse your company. And do so at every opportunity.
Sara G. LMT

What an amazing product!!!

May 2019

I purchased my system at the World Massage Festival two weeks ago. I had popped a rib out the very first day of the Festival before 8 AM and couldn’t take a full breath. I was told to come to the bodyCushion booth after they set up and see if it helped. At about 10 minutes of being on the bodyCushion the rib gently began to go back into place and I could finally take a full breath! I was amazed! Wow!!! What an amazing product!!!

I am happy to report that I received my order last Thursday and EVERY SINGLE CLIENT has been just as amazed as I was. Thank you so much for this fabulous product!!!!!  I’ve had one of the best weeks of my almost 10 year career thanks to this innovative product.

I was actually told today that the Raindrop Therapy Detox Massage combined with the bodyCushion, was a life changer for that client! It was his first ever a professional massage and he’s a lawyer. He was floored by the combination of my skills and his body positioning on the bodyCushion. I am humbled by his words and wanted to let you know the extent of what this product has done in Athens, Georgia. Thank you!  

That being said, I now have at least four people interested in purchasing a bodyCushion for home use, because of how much it helped them during their service or my review to other LMT’s. Please let me know if you have an incentive program and if you sell to anyone, not just professionals.

Again, thank you!- Lots of love

Jennifer Ziegler-Gorman

A Win-Win Situation!

I purchased a bodyCushion to provide a more comfortable anatomical environment for my clients' bodywork. The eye-opener for me was the ergonomic benefits for me as the therapist providing the bodywork. 

A 'win-win' situation - the client is in a great anatomical position and the therapist in a great ergonomic posture to provide the treatment. Thank you!

- Ann B Moore, BA, RN, LMT, CEES, Miami, FL

Makes My Work Easier!

I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery, shoulder surgery, and tendinitis, and now with the bodyCushion, I work with far less stress…now I’m adding another day of massage per week…and have no problems whatsoever. My clients refuse to be massaged without the bodyCushion! 

How can anything so simple work so well?! Next to going to massage school, the bodyCushion is the best choice I’ve ever made. Thank you for your wonderful invention!

- Janet Glass, CMP, Watsonville, CA

Relaxation Can Take Place

I am very interested in putting people into positions to relieve whatever is going on. As soon as I saw the bodyCushion, I realized that they are like having an extra set of hands. 

I thought to myself, ‘This is perfect, a tool to enable someone to be completely comfortable.’ I showed it to one of the therapists, and then another then gave them treatments on it. After that experience, they wanted to use it themselves. 

Now I have them on all of my tables in my clinic. All of my full-time therapists that use them get better results. Their clientele builds rapidly because of their extreme comfort. 

Students are introduced to the bodyCushion two-thirds of the way through our 300-hour course. We then give the students the option of taking an advanced class in positioning techniques with the bodyCushion. 

In this advanced class, we go through the videos that were created by Tom Owens and follow along with them. After this class, the bodyCushion usually never leaves the student’s table ever again.

It is going to become increasingly important that the therapist gets involved with the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of a client. In the future, the people that are well versed in all of these areas are going to be the ones who survive. 

This all has to do with support, and that is where the bodyCushion comes into play. In tough economic times, the first thing that people are going to cut out is bodywork, unless it is a place that they can go for sanctuary. 

The bodyCushion really helps to provide the increased comfort level that allows the nervous system to calm down, and to help create an environment where true relaxation can take place.

- Paul Frizzell, Co-Director of the Neuromuscular Concept School of Massage, San Antonio, TX

So Comfortable for Client & Therapist

I have been using the same bodyCushion for 25 years and love it! It is so comfortable for the client and therapist. When a new client inquires about it, I tell them "You'll never go back to flat," and afterward they say, "You're right!" 

I've enjoyed the ease of rocking patients and for craniosacral therapy. My hands do not tire because they fit so comfortably down the spine and on the sacrum… I recommend it highly to the therapist and clients alike.

- Kim Walker, Body Balance Therapies

Indispensable Extension of Myself

Needless to say, I was sold on this system the minute I had laid back down on the flat table for comparison. ‘Never again will I lie flat’ I remember thinking to myself. At first, I was concerned about the quality, comfort, and whether it would be worth the investment. 

However, I must say that the bodyCushion has revolutionized my philosophy and approach to bodywork. I now think of the bodyCushion as an indispensable extension of both my table and myself. 

It is an investment into proper support and comfort of my clients, as well as ease of access to provide quality bodywork.

- Rebecca Zawadiwsky, Wisconsin Registered Massage Therapist

Answer to Prayers

I’m writing an overdue note to thank you for my bodyCushion. I am a massage therapist living in a small meditation and Satsang community in Northern India. I am American by birth and visit my family every year in California. 

I have been living and doing massage in India for the past five years, and was finding that without a proper table, I was getting fatigued and feeling strains from time to time in various parts of my body. 

I only do seven or eight massages a week, but the strain was adding up, and I found myself wishing for a new kind of setup, which was portable enough to take to people’s houses or store in my closet between sessions in my own house. 

While I was visiting L.A. last summer, I saw one of your ads in a Massage and Bodywork Magazine and immediately thought the bodyCushion was the answer to my prayers. I went to a Bodyworks Emporium and laid down on one, and that was it. I knew it was what I needed.

Since returning to India last August, I have used the bodyCushion for every massage. People here were extremely impressed by how comfortable it is to lie on, let alone get massaged on. 

I often work on someone’s bed or floor…I saw after giving a few massages that my own back stayed in good shape, and I generally did not have to work as hard to achieve good results. 

The bodyCushion relaxed the person for me! I get great credit, and I have to pass much of it on to you. I also especially appreciated the flexibility of the face cradle (much better than the fixed ones on a regular table), and the space in the center of the support, when a person lies on their back, I can work under their spine and neck, like magic. 

Everything seems to be where I need it to be; it is so well-designed. I know my clients are getting better results than ever. I cannot imagine going back to working on a flat surface, and can’t imagine why every massage therapist doesn’t have one of these remarkable tools.

- Ken Gould, Himachal Pradesh, India

Transitions Became Second Nature

The most difficult thing about using a bodyCushion for me was learning the transitions from prone to supine using draping... but after some practice, it became second nature. When I go to a school that only uses flat tables and don’t use the bodyCushion, I feel they are not keeping up with the latest technology in the profession. 

I think it has to eventually come as an awareness on the part of the instructors at these schools. The average person that comes to get a relaxation massage will have no significant problems lying on a flat table, but for people in pain and with problems, positioning is critical to really improving their condition. 

The way to communicate this to instructors and massage school owners is that the bodyCushion is a much more professional way to provide service to their clients. Having professional positioning tools, meaning the bodyCushion, is one of many steps toward providing complete service for clients. 

This helps us to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to gain respect and acceptance in mainstream medicine and help as many people as possible.

- Ralph Stephens, LMT, NCTMB

For Chiropractic Adjusting 

We have adjusted many patients without the bodyCushion, but the single-most difference this device makes, especially in geriatric patients, is their spinal musculature is released, allowing easier adjustments without applying extreme force and pressure during the adjustment thrust. 

Some procedures can be done on our regular tables with some discomfort. However, when a person is prone for five minutes for trigger point, G-5 or modality procedures the patient’s comfort is critically important. 

Why create pain in the front while working trigger points on the back?

- John C. Colwell, D.C

Makes all the Difference

I’m very thankful that I was introduced to the bodyCushion early in my career. At first, I was skeptical. I had my routine down pat and wasn’t looking to change anything about my massage. 

One thing I have learned is that as a therapist, it is imperative to remain open to change and to incorporating new ideas as techniques advance and develop.

First and foremost, my clients love it. I told my clients to just try it, and if they weren’t satisfied, they did not have to pay for their massage. Not ONE client has taken me up on that offer. In fact, they rave about it…especially the women. 

It’s especially beneficial for my heavier clients. A few of my clients have told me they would not go elsewhere for a massage because no one else used the bodyCushion.             

Secondly, the correct positioning allows me much better access to the muscles, and I’m able to work much deeper with less stress on my body. I’ve been using the bodyCushion for about two months, and last weekend I did a trade with another therapist. 

He doesn’t use the cushion, and I didn’t bring mine because I didn’t feel like carrying it. What a mistake! When I started the massage, I realized I couldn’t perform the same strokes and movements as effectively, and I had forgotten how to do massage on a flat table! 

I didn’t feel that my massage was as effective and my hands and fingers were fatigued afterwards. As a recipient of massage on the cushion, I also must say that I will not receive another massage on a flat table. It made all the difference in the world.       

I do have to say that I had to practice using the cushion with another therapist, and it did mean that I had to change some of my techniques, but it was so worth it. 

My co-worker has been a therapist for over 10 years and wasn’t sure about her decision to purchase the bodyCushion either. Her first week using the cushion she found she was having to change the way she applied techniques and honestly wasn’t sure she liked it. 

She stuck with it because her clients loved it so much. Now she wouldn’t do a massage without one. So, for anyone who is contemplating purchasing this product, let them know that they do have to practice with it, but once they do they will never regret making this choice.

- Tamara Gardner

Relief & More Clients

Having the bodyCushion gives relief to my hands and arms… the access is so much easier. It increases a practitioners’ client base and eases the ability to physically handle the work.

- Tony Breslow, LMT, Instructor, Lane Community College, Eugene, OR

Couldn’t Do My Work Without It

I was fortunate to be introduced to the bodyCushion by one of my instructors in 1988 when I was just finishing school. Once I felt how there was no pressure in the prone position I became a believer. 

Today I couldn’t do my work without the bodyCushion. Positioning is so important. Sometimes I feel massage schools are laboring in the Dark Ages because they don’t address optimizing positioning. 

Every time I introduce someone to the bodyCushion I feel I have made a major contribution to the success of their career.

- Cheryl Chapman, RN, HNC, NCTMB

For Chiropractic…

Thank you for the bodyCushion. They seem custom-made for the technique upon which Logan College was founded.

- Richard Berman, D.C., Director, Yorkshire Health Center, St. Louis, MO

Puts Anatomy in Neutral

I want to give the bodyCushion my endorsement, and you don’t have to pay me, I think it’s fabulous! It puts the human anatomy in an ideal neutral position for bodywork, it’s applied application of what I teach.

- Renee Whitman Zahourek, Loveland, CO

An Extra Treat for My Client!

I love your bodyCushion! I am a student at EWC in Portland. As a student, I take them to massage classes, polarity and yoga classes. I don’t like lying flat on my back. My clients like them as much as I do. I think the cushions are an extra treat to my client. My fellow students love trying them out. Using the bodyCushion makes me real popular as a working partner.

- Jan DeBoard, Portland, OR

Exciting Discovery in Client Comfort 

I recently purchased a bodyCushion and am happy to say it’s the most exciting discovery I’ve seen in massage therapy client comfort! Thank you for your courage, insight, and stick-to-it-ness …my biggest hesitation to trying your product was the client transition from prone to supine. I wasn’t convinced that the same support could be used in either position. My mind was eased within moments when I tried my bodyCushion for the first time. My clients are thrilled with their results too.

- Faith Holmes, LMT, Foley, AL

Relaxation Without Guarding

Using the bodyCushion …after the massage session, I usually hear, ‘I don’t want to get up.’ It really makes a wonderful difference for me and for them. I find my work is easier because the cushion has the body in a comfortable, relaxed position, thereby allowing me to move parts of the body without guarding on the client's part. It makes for a looser muscle, therefore easier to move and work. One of my regular clients told me the other day, ‘Bobbie, when you started you were good, then you got better, and now you’re excellent.’ I shared the last honor with your bodyCushion.

- Bobbie Dykas, Certified Massage Therapist, San Francisco, CA

Not If, But When

In speaking to a massage friend, I said this will become a standard piece of massage equipment. So, it’s not a matter of whether you will buy it, but when you will buy it.

- Andrea Freewater, Massage, and Movement Specialist, Ashland, OR

Perfect For What I Do

It makes bodywork so much easier. My work involves non-force alignment, and this tool is perfect for what I do.

- Michael Jordon, Malibu, CA

Comfort & Satisfaction Win     

At first, I had to adjust to using the bodyCushion …but those minor initial inconveniences have been far outweighed by my client's comfort and satisfaction.

- Kate Machinski, Sports Massage Therapist, AMTA National Sports Massage Team

Will Impact How Massage is Done

I feel the bodyCushion is a revolutionary device…that will greatly impact massage and the way massage is done.

- David Lauterstein, Editor, American Massage Therapy Association Journal

Provides Better Results

If you want to get the best results with your hands-on techniques, it is imperative that the person receiving the therapy be positioned comfortably and effectively. Client positioning in a way that enhances the acceptance and effectiveness of massage techniques speeds response to therapeutic intervention. 

The bodyCushion provides this better than any combination of pillows and rolled towels ever could. I’ve used the bodyCushion for years now and find especially with my back and neck cases that it can make all the difference in how well my client is able to relax and receive massage that makes a difference.  

Some 12 years ago when I first lay on a bodyCushion, my first thought was ‘this guy has finally manifested what I’ve been telling students for years’ client position is therapeutic, and positioning supports success with your massage therapy. 

The bodyCushion answered the concerns I had expressed about the importance of client comfort on treatment tables particularly when suffering from painful and limiting soft-tissue problems. I personally saw to it that the bodyCushion was available and used in the Sports Medicine clinic in the Olympic Village during the 1996 Summer Olympics and I use it in my practice to this day.

- Benny Vaughn, LMT, ATC, CSCS, Ridgeland, MS

Students Use It From Day One…

Ten years and 15,000 treatments using the body cushion has taught me this: the bodyCushion is not just a fancy-looking comfort device. It is an ingeniously designed, practical, and lightweight positioning tool that should be standard equipment for every massage therapist and bodyworker.    

There was a time I would have told you to buy a few standard pillows for bolstering your clients. Then I learned from experience that the bodyCushion is the only way to simply and effectively position and provide comfort to your pregnant clients. 

I also learned from experience that many patients with disc problems who normally have pain when lying prone can lie prone on a body cushion and experience relief, not just comfort! These lessons from experience are endless.

Today, I will tell you that all of your clients will benefit from the ingenious design of the only positioner I ever use. My bodyCushion is an integral component of every one of my sessions, and I LOVE IT!   

At the Humanities Center School of Massage, we believe the bodyCushion is the key piece of equipment massage therapists should utilize for proper positioning and maximum comfort of their clients. For this reason, all of our students use the bodyCushion from day one. All of our students experience and understand the therapeutic advantage of the bodyCushion.  

My students always ask me, ‘Greg, how long will the body cushions last?’ My reply is always the same. I say, ‘I am not sure. I have used my bodyCushion in over 15,000 treatments, and I feel like it is just getting broken-in. Ask me again after another 15,000 treatments, and maybe I’ll have an answer for you!

- Greg Fears, Director of the Humanities Center School of Massage, St. Petersburg, FL

Clients Marvel  

Using the bodyCushion in my practice has given me the confidence that I’m doing my best to deliver effective, thorough treatments. All of my clients, including acute back pain patients and pregnant women, marvel at how comfortable they feel on the bodyCushion.

Many express they would never want to receive treatments on a flat table again. I’m able to work deep with less resistance because the client is supported in total comfort. It’s amazing! I’m getting twice the results with no extra effort. In fact, the bodyCushion does half of my work for me!

- Laura Jarrell, LMT

Thankful That Doctor Recommended It!  

I had an opportunity to use the bodyCushion while recovering from eye surgery. I had to stay face down 100% of the time. I could not have done it without the bodyCushion. I used the bodyCushion for eight days and nights and am thankful that my Doctor recommended it.

- Diane Bak, West Branch, MI

Does Half My Work For Me!

After an experience with a client who has had five back surgeries, I had to write to tell you how the bodyCushion helped him and how it has helped me.

My client is tall and thin with a round, barrel chest. He’s had five thoracic surgeries in the last four years. Before he came to see me, he said he had had massage before and that he dreaded going there to lie on his stomach because it was so uncomfortable for his chest. Even lying on his back was excruciating! 

Though he did not know I had a bodyCushion, he booked a 90-minute session and figured we’d work something out. He was amazed to be able to lie on his stomach for 70 minutes and 20 minutes on his back in complete comfort!

How gratifying to me to have been able to be of service to him because of my having purchased the bodyCushion. Indeed, it does half my work for me. My hands used to hurt as if I had arthritis after doing 3-5 massages in a day and I would feel wiped out tired (and I consider myself to be in good shape physically). 

It seemed they were hurting even doing minimal massage. Guess what? They do not hurt anymore! And I attribute pain-free hands to the use of the bodyCushion.

I believe the massage I give is just as thorough and deep and in fact, even deeper. My husband gives me my massage, and for the first time ever, I fell asleep! He said he thought the bodyCushion was ‘well thought out.’ He had been reserving judgment on my $400 purchase, and now he is very impressed. 

If I ever get a massage from someone else, I’m going to have to take my bodyCushion and insist they put it on their table.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did a show where I had a massage booth. I did five-minute massages over the course of three days for a total of 16 hours. I did several massages where people just sat straight in the chair, and I thought my hands were going to fall off! 

Using the body cushion in seated massage was a hand saver! And I think the use of the bodyCushion looked so inviting to people they were more willing to try it. I was tired but pleased with the results.

…I will recommend the bodyCushion to everyone. It is a dream come true. Some of my clients remarked it felt odd at first, but now they like it. Thanks to Tom Owens for brilliant insight and follow through.

-Kathryn Mayton, Ms.T., Stanley, KY

Best Business Investment                     

The bodyCushion is the best business investment a bodyworker can make. The spinal alignment and decompression provided encourages deeper relaxation, postural support, and client comfort. 

My pregnant clients, in particular, appreciate the face-down position unique to this system throughout their entire pregnancies and postpartum. Many of the common discomforts associated with pregnancy – i.e., lower back pain, edema, abdominal pressure – are greatly alleviated by using the bodyCushion. 

Once experienced, clients and therapists will never want to use a traditional, flat treatment table again!

- Elaine Stillerman, LMT, founder of MotherMassage®, and back patient


I want to thank you all at Body Support Systems for a great product! …I market my business toward women; pregnant, elderly, obese, and now post-surgical liposuction and breast augmentation.

Many blessings to your company. And especially thank you for the breastProtector…

- Teresa Richard, AAHCC, LMT, San Bernardino, CA

Clients sink into breastProtector

My female clients really sink gratefully into the breastProtector. One of them told me she hadn’t been able to lie on her stomach since she was nine years old.

- Fran Skindzier, LMT, Pittsburgh, PA

A Valued Addition 

I have been using the bodyCushion with great success and always get compliments on the system. The breastProtector will be a valued addition and should have had it long ago. 

I work with approximately 98% female where spa packages, weight loss plans, cosmetic surgeries, liposuction, breast augmentations, etc. are done so this will be great

- Henry Hardnock, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Certified Fascial Release Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Instructor

Full Pro Plus System  

I bought the bodyCushion Full Pro Plus System two years ago, and it paid for itself the first week. I use it on everybody!

- Aiken Edwards, LMT

Enables Comfortable Sleep

I am one who embraces the use of only essential products, that is to say, I don’t even own a computer. I do, however, own a bodyCushion and have been utilizing them since 1990. Virtually every client of mine, 12 to 15 per week for the past 27 years, enjoys their time on my table so much more thanks to the ‘anatomically neutral’ position the bodyCushion allows. 

I do believe that some of my clients are my clients for that reason alone. ...

I know, from experience, that it would be extremely beneficial for people who are injured or post-surgical to have a bodyCushion in their home to allow for comfortable repose during recovery. (Sleep is often overlooked as an important piece of the recovery puzzle.)

Many insurance companies in Colorado include, as covered benefits, a gym membership or many months of physical therapy, or even the purchase of exercise equipment for the home to ensure complete recovery for their clients. 

I feel that a bodyCushion for people with chronic back, neck, hip, or shoulder pain would reap benefits far greater than those offered by other means…The bodyCushion is the most worthwhile investment I have made as a massage therapist.

- DeeDee Palmer, Durango Neuromuscular Therapy Group, Durango, CO

World Games

The bodyCushion was chosen as the exclusive orthopedic positioner for the US Teams participating in the World Games for the Deaf in Copenhagen, Denmark, as there is no better or more versatile product on the market.

Our medical staff was previously unfamiliar with the product but was so pleased with its design and performance that they have discussed ordering units for their clinics back home. Foreign therapists and athletes were equally impressed and marveled at American ingenuity. 

They also wanted to know how to buy them. I was most pleased with the design and practicality of the bakPak carrying case as it made transporting the equipment to the venues possible.

- Alan Alper, ATC, MT, Athletic Trainer, Certified and Massage Therapist, US Teams, World Games for the Deaf, Washington D.C.

Integral Part Of My Rehab 

Due to my rigorous training (7-10 hours per day) and competition schedules, I place enormous emphasis on recovery and rehabilitation. As a result, I am very familiar with your products – especially your bodyCushion.

My massage therapist in San Antonio, Roger Reinhard, first introduced me to the cushions a few years ago to use them during our sessions, (which takes 2-3 hours of intense work). 

Also, my Physical Therapist & Strength Coach, Gary Guerriero, at the U.S. Athletic Training Center in New York City, suggested I try using your bodyCushion for sleeping – to alleviate some back problems. Needless to say, your products are an integral part of my rehab & recovery process.

- Mike Gostigian, U.S. Pentathlete in the 1988, 1992, and 1996 Olympics

Helps Me Be a Better Therapist

I have been practicing Therapeutic Massage professionally in Northern California for about nine years and have used your bodyCushion for the past three or four years. I am delighted with its utility and versatility. 

I tried a less expensive competitor’s brand and found it to be a poor substitute. My bodyCushion is as valuable to me as my massage table. Your product is unparalleled for comfort and utility. It helps me be a better therapist.

- Gary Witteman C.M.T., Magalia, CA