miniCushion with breastProtector

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The miniCushion with mini breastProtector provides anatomically designed prone comfort for chiropractic adjusting and massage.

The miniCushion is made of the same high-quality materials as the bodyCushion. They have stood the test of time and utility for more than 30 years. Handcrafted in Ashland, OR, it is made with attention to every detail.

The miniCushion provides support on the bony prominences, clavicles, the sternum, the ribs below the breast, and the ASIS of the pelvis. Supported on its frame, it avoids pressure on sensitive areas. The spine is unloaded, the lumbar spine relieved.

The miniCushion

  • Eliminates client bracing.
  • Provides mild unloading of the spine.
  • Increases breast comfort.
  • Allows relief for abdominal breathing.
  • Reduces pressure on the bladder with consideration for males.

For Chiropractic

Adjustments are easy; the patient isn’t bracing; the spine is unloaded with spinal musculature disengaged.

For massage

The miniCushion simply slips beneath the bottom sheet to enhance client comfort when face down.

The 3-inch high miniCushion construction is constructed of density-specific contoured layers of High Resilience “Lifetime Foam.”

The miniCushion complements and coordinates well with any massage or chiropractic adjustment table, the client’s face being supported in the treatment table face rest.

Product Info:


  • miniCushion, mini breastProtector, and Pelvic Supports
  • 30-day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3-year vinyl warranty
  • 10-year “Lifetime Foam” warranty

Color: Slate Blue

Dimensions: L.W.H. (31" x 19" x 3.5")

Handcrafted in Ashland OR