Not all positioners are alike


Innovated in 1986, the Original bodyCushion was the world’s first orthopedic body positioner.

For many years thereafter it was the only full body positioner.

In 2010, the first cheap imitations of the bodyCushion arrived in the USA from China. Since that time, others have followed. Imitators look similar to the Original bodyCushion but are lacking in quality and function.

The differences between the Original bodyCushion and imitators follows here:

Beware of toxicity

Much less expensive imitations come with potentially harmful impacts on health.

The low-quality foam of cheap imitations is chemically expanded which results in a long period of off-gassing. Immediate effects can be eye, nose and throat irritation, nausea, and headaches. These Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors and can continue to produce adverse health effects for years.

The foam used to make the Original bodyCushion is premium, with no chemical influence. There is no off-gassing, no odor. There are no adverse health effects.

Original bodyCushion foam performs over time.

Cheap chemically expanded foams break down, failing over even short periods.

The premium “Lifetime Foam” of the bodyCushion is very long-lived. The resilience of this foam has been proven to last more than 30 years and carries a 10-year warranty.

The bodyCushion is built to last

All of the materials used to craft the Original bodyCushion are the highest quality available.

How do you know its an authentic Original bodyCushion?

Check the label! The brand is bodyCushion,” one word, lower case ‘b,” capital “C” Imitators often call their product “body cushion.”

The Original bodyCushion optimizes positioning in 4 different body positions; prone, supine, lateral recumbent, and seated. The Original bodyCushion has an array of accessorizing options; Adjusters, Extenders, armRests, and breastProtector.

Typically, imitators are designed only for face down and do not optimize support of human anatomy.

The Original bodyCushion: health, quality, versatility, and performance...

Look closely. You’ll recognize the Original bodyCushion, a truly professional tool.


Be advised!

If you are reading this and contemplating manufacturing a look-a-like bodyCushion “knock off,” be advised that Body Support Systems, Inc is litigious and will fully exercise its legal protection rights as having been established in the Fifth District Federal Court of the United States of America.

Legal protection for the bodyCushion has been established by prevailing in a lawsuit brought by Body Support Systems, Inc. This lawsuit can be viewed online; BodySupport Systems, Inc. vs. Blue Ridge Table Company.

We at Body Support Systems, Inc. have been educating about positioning with the bodyCushion for more than thirty years and will not take kindly to anyone who may wish to take advantage of all of our hard work and effort since the inception of the bodyCushion.

Hereby be advised, if you attempt to bring to market a look-a-like product with characteristics similar to the bodyCushion, you will be sued in Federal Court with maximum damages and penalties sought.

Tom Owens, President, Body Support Systems, Inc

Inventor and developer of the bodyCushion