School Proposal

The bodyCushion seeks schools with which to partner in providing optimal positioning based manual education. As a foundation for massage, the bodyCushion provides a high-level platform, in essence, an optimal workbench that supports the client’s skeletal frame in ways that comfortably unload the body, thereby disengaging the musculature, optimizing comfort for the client while optimizing access and control for the practitioner. Consider setting your school apart by offering massage education of a higher level, affording students a more effective way of positioning patients in order to provide more easily applied treatments that optimize outcomes.

Our staff is available by appointment via zoom to help with training, assisting your teachers and instructors to develop a high level of proficiency and appreciation for positioning based treatments; treatments received in a state of comprehensive positional release. To discuss this possibility further and find out more about the prospect of placing your school at the cutting edge of massage education, contact



“When I go to a school that only uses flat tables and doesn’t use bodyCushions™ … I think that they are not keeping up with the latest technology in the profession.” - Ralph Stephens


“This tool is showing us a doorway to the future for massage … With the bodyCushion™ I get results that I can’t get without it.” - James Waslaski