3-Piece Original bodyCushion Vinyl Replacement Set

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Freshen up your 3-Piece bodyCushion with new TAN vinyl coverings!

Vinyl Replacement covers are only available in TAN.

Each individual cover is labeled “Vinyl Replacement Cover for the bodyCushion.” 

Includes a new Face Crescent (Foam & Vinyl)

Included with your new TAN Vinyl Replacement cover set is a completely new Face Crescent, with new foam and vinyl.

Product Info:

Color: TAN


  • New Face Crescent, complete, (foam and vinyl)
  • Chest Support, vinyl only
  • Pelvic Support, vinyl only
  • 1 clear plastic covering for each foam part, allowing each foam part to slip easily into its new Vinyl Replacement cover.
  • Vinyl Replacement instructions
  • 3-year vinyl warranty  

Handcrafted in Ashland OR