miniCushion Chest Support

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The miniCushion Chest Support supports the upper torso on its bony structures.

Like the bodyCushion Chest Support, the miniCushion Chest Support is constructed of high quality, long-lasting, specific-density foam with recesses in the breast area to provide comfort.

The miniCushion Chest Support is an integral part of the miniCushion. The Pelvic Support connects to the Chest Support with hook that attaches to loop straps of the Chest Support.

The 3-inch breastProtector can replace the Chest Support when needed.

Product Info


  • miniCushion Chest Support
  • 30-day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3-year vinyl warranty
  • 10-year “Lifetime Foam” warranty

Color: Slate Blue

Dimensions: L.W.H. (15" x 19" x 3")

Handcrafted in Ashland OR