4-Piece bodyCushion Cotton Cover Set

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The 4-Piece bodyCushion Cotton Cover Set protects your 4-Piece bodyCushion.

100% cotton Interlock, elastic-fitted covers are tailor fit, keeping your bodyCushion in like-new condition while maximizing the ease of using your bodyCushion.

These high-quality, durable covers withstand repeated washings.

Bulk pricing favors having several sets on hand.

Note: Companion to the bodyCushion Covers and highly recommended is the treatment Table Cover, also elastic-fitted, made of the same high-quality 100% cotton.

The treatment table cover fits your 30-32-inch x 6 Ft table snugly, protecting your table and making it ultimately easy to re-position your patient on the bodyCushion.

See 4-Piece Cotton bodyCushion Covers and Table Cover Set.

Cotton covers are not eligible for a refund, however they can be replaced if there are any manufacturing defects.

Product Info:

Colors: White, Light Blue, Black


  • Face Crescent Cotton Cover
  • Chest Support Cotton Cover
  • Pelvic Support Cotton Cover
  • 1-Piece Leg Support Cotton Cover or Split Leg Support Cotton Cover
  • 90-day limited warranty

Handcrafted in Ashland OR