4-Piece Original bodyCushion

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The 4-Piece Original bodyCushion is used effectively for pain management.

It also serves as a:

  • Surgical positioner
  • Spine positioning system
  • Rehab orthopedic positioner
  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy positioner

Items purchased individually:

  • Chest Support - $179.00
  • Pelvic Support - $169.00
  • Face Support - $129.00
  • 1-Piece Leg Support - $109.00
  • Total Value: $586.00

See why bodyCushion has become the #1 equipment investment for sports medicine, physical therapy and massage.

A 'win-win' situation - the client is in a great anatomical position and the therapist in a great ergonomic posture to provide the treatment. Thank you!

- Ann B Moore, BA, RN, LMT, CEES, Miami, FL

Proprietary design elements optimize treatment outcomes in all recumbent body positions, plus provides seated positioning. The 4-Piece bodyCushion brings you world-class body positioning, now optimizing treatments across the medical sciences and healing arts in more than 100 countries.

Key Benefits:

  • Decompresses the Spine
  • Provides Comprehensive Positional Release
  • Allows Deep Breathing
  • Improves Hemodynamics (circulation, blood-flow)
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Reduces Tension
  • Improves Outcomes
  • Reduces Pain

Positions the bodyCushion can be used in:

  • Prone (Facedown)
  • Supine (Face up)
  • Lateral-recumbent (Side-lying)
  • Seated

If you'd like to know more about the bodyCushion, you can read more here.

Product Info:


  • Face Support
  • Chest Support 
  • Pelvic Support
  • 1-Piece Leg Support
  • 1 Face Crescent Cover
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3-year vinyl warranty
  • 10-year “Lifetime Foam” warranty
  • 90-day Face Crescent Cover warranty

Color: Slate Blue


  • 3-Piece bodyCushionL.W.H. (42-45" x 19" x 5")
  • 1-Piece Leg SupportL.W.H. (24" x 11" x 5")
  • Split Leg SupportL.W.H. (20" x 11" x 5")

Handcrafted in Ashland OR 

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