About Us


Body Support Systems, Inc. is located in Medford, Oregon. Its primary product is the bodyCushion. Tom Owens, the inventor, and developer of the bodyCushion founded the company in 1986.

The bodyCushion is the first full-body positioning device of its kind and continues, unrivaled, as the highest quality, multi-functional, full-body positioner in the world today.

Body Support Systems' mission is to heighten awareness in the healing arts about the benefits of positioning and the essential contributions these benefits make in assuring improved treatment outcomes.

Our skilled production team handcrafts all of our products and tools that afford comfort by unloading the anatomy, thereby allowing patients and clients to realize the benefits of applied modalities fully.

Whether you are a doctor or therapist wanting to maximize your treatments, or an individual looking for pain relief, we offer the best orthopedic positioning products in the world.

All the products we manufacture are made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality materials. With appropriate care and cleaning, our products are designed to withstand years of use in a professional setting.

Be advised!

If you are reading this and contemplating manufacturing a look-a-like bodyCushion “knock off,” be advised that Body Support Systems, Inc is litigious and will fully exercise its legal protection rights as having been established in the Fifth District Federal Court of the United States of America.
Legal protection for the bodyCushion has been established by prevailing in a lawsuit brought by Body Support Systems, Inc. This lawsuit can be viewed online; BodySupport Systems, Inc. vs. Blue Ridge Table Company.
We at Body Support Systems, Inc. have been educating about positioning with the bodyCushion for more than thirty years and will not take kindly to anyone who may wish to take advantage of all of our hard work and effort since the inception of the bodyCushion.
Hereby be advised, if you attempt to bring to market a look-a-like product with characteristics similar to the bodyCushion, you will be sued in Federal Court with maximum damages and penalties sought.
Tom Owens, President, Body Support Systems, Inc
Inventor and developer of the bodyCushion