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bodyCushion, The Leader in Prenatal Massage Positioning Equipment

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  • 4-Piece bodyCushion with breastProtector - $769.00
  • bodyCushion Elevator - $299.00
  • Face Crescent Cotton Cover - $10.00
  • Total Value - $1,078.00


The bodyCushion for Pregnancy is the most advanced prenatal orthopedic positioning device in the world. It offers safe, restful relief throughout the pregnancy.

More than 30 years of pregnancy positioning experience led to the development of the bodyCushion Elevator. The combination of the bodyCushion and the Elevator accommodates the expectant mother in complete comfort throughout her pregnancy even in the late third term.

In addition to the numerous prenatal benefits when face down, the bodyCushion also provides side lying and reclining comfort.

Pregnancy professionals that advocate for prone positioning with the bodyCushion:

  • Elaine Stillerman, LMT - founder of MotherMassage®
    • Author of:
      • The Encyclopedia of Bodywork
      • MotherMassage: A Handbook For Relieving the Discomforts of Pregnancy
      • Prenatal Massage: A Textbook of Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum Bodywork
      • Modalities for Massage and Bodywork 2nd edition (2015)
  • Rebecca Overson, LMT, Biz Mentor for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers
    • Founder & Director of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage (2009-2018)
    • Continuing Education Unit (CEU) provider through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.
    • Instructor of:
      • PREGNANCY MASSAGE BASICS – for ALL massage therapists.
      • MATERNITY MASSAGE CERTIFICATION – LEVEL 1 – for massage therapists who want to SPECIALIZE in prenatal massage.
  • Leslie Stager RN, LMT
    • Author of Nurturing Massage for Pregnancy: A Practical Guide to Bodywork for the Perinatal Cycle (2009 Lippincott)
    • Instructor for Mastering Pregnancy Massage (2006)
    • Co- producer of MotherTouch: Nurturing Touch for Birth, and Touch Techniques for Birth (2008)

Connecting the Elevator

The Elevator attaches to the bodyCushion side handles with hook and loop straps, providing reliable support. Overall, the Elevator raises the bodyCushion two and a half inches. 



No adjustment of the Elevator is necessary. To accommodate the growing baby, adjust the separation of the Pelvic Support from the Chest Support of the bodyCushion.



Face Crescent Cotton Covers are available in packages of 8.


Click here to read more about the bodyCushion. 

Product Info:


  • Face Support
  • breastProtector Chest Support
  • Pelvic Support
  • 1-Piece Leg Support
  • bodyCushion Elevator (Face, Chest & Pelvic)
  • 3-year bodyCushion vinyl warranty
  • 10-year bodyCushion "Lifetime Foam" warranty
  • 30-day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee


  • Original bodyCushion - Slate Blue
  • bodyCushion Elevator - Black


  • 3-Piece bodyCushionL.W.H. (42-45" x 19" x 5")
  • 1-Piece Leg SupportL.W.H. (24" x 11" x 5")
  • bodyCushion Elevator: L.W.H. (42" x 19" x 2.5")

Handcrafted in Ashland, OR 

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