Adjuster Caddy Set

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The Adjuster Caddy Set takes positioning with the bodyCushion to another level.

Items Purchased Individually:

  • Adjuster Caddy Bag - $99.00
  • Large Wedges - Set of 2 - $80.00
  • Rectangular Adjusters - Set of 2 - $66.00
  • Small Wedge - $25.00
  • bodyCushion Extenders - Set of 4 - $88.00
  • Total Value: $358.00

The Adjuster Caddy Set includes:

1 Small Wedge that is typically used to adjust the Face Support to provide various angles of flexion or extension of the cervical spine.

2 Large Wedges that is typically placed under the lateral aspects of the Chest and Pelvic Supports to decompress the lumbar spine and provide more depth to the abdominal recess for pregnancy.

2 Rectangular Adjusters that are typically placed on top of the 2 Large Wedges to provide even more depth to the abdominal recess for late-term pregnancy.

4 Extenders, typically used to extend the length of the Chest and Pelvic Supports for the longer torso.

An Adjuster Caddy Bag is designed to organize, store, and transport the Adjusters. When empty, the Adjuster Caddy Bag stands open, allowing Wedges and Rectangular Adjusters to slip easily into and out of the main compartment. Extenders fit individually into separate pockets located at either side of the main compartment.

Product Info:


  • 1 Small Wedge
  • 2 Large Wedges
  • 2 Rectangular Adjusters
  • 4 Extenders
  • Adjuster Caddy Bag

Color: Black

Dimensions: L.W.H. (15" x 10" x 16")

3-year warranty

Handcrafted in Ashland OR 

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