Pregnancy System With Adjuster Set of 5

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The Adjusters play an important role as the pregnancy progresses.

Throughout the pregnancy, they allow elevating the bodyCushion to create increasing space for the growing fetus. All of the Adjusters come into play in the late third term to maximize the depth of the abdominal recess of the bodyCushion.

Durable, washable 100% cotton Face Crescent Covers are specifically designed for the bodyCushion.

Available in packages of 8.

Product Info:


  • bodyCushion, Slate Blue.
  • Adjuster Set of 5 and Basket, Black.


  • 4 Piece bodyCushion with breastProtector - $769.00
  • Large Wedges (Set of 2) - $80.00
  • Rectangular Adjusters (Set of 2) - $66.00
  • Small Wedge (1) - $25.00
  • Face Crescent Cotton Cover - $10.00
  • Total Value - $950.00


  • 3-year Adjuster warranty
  • 3-year bodyCushion vinyl warranty
  • 10-year “Lifetime Foam” warranty

Handcrafted in Ashland, OR